Walter Adamson joins iGo2 heads Victoria

Asia Pacific Social Business Services Company @iGo2 expands into Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne--(iGo2 Social Media Pty Ltd – 1st September, 2011) – Walter Adamson joins iGo2 to lead Victorian operation.


"Through iGo2 we’ll continue to focus on strong Victorian market presence and social business leadership. iGo2’s expansion into Victoria allows us to further strengthen the market coverage, in-depth analysis and research capabilities through the iGo2 team. Expect more great things in the months to come”, said Walter Adamson.

“Victoria is one of the most active regions in social business and we see our customers and partners making strategic investments in Social Business to help bring them to a better understanding of their customers/citizens, partners and competitors alike. Walter, as a certified strategist;  has the skill to bring this new business model to our Victorian customer base through a focus on people, process, and social business methodology”, said Michael Green, CEO of iGo2.


About Walter Adamson

IT exec since way back; blogging since early 2004; Tweeting since 2007; certified social business strategist since 2009; still learning. CoFounder of the Social Business Consulting Group. Walter was the former Independent Advisor to the ICT Strategy Board of the Government of Victoria. He is a Systems Integration business consultant, executive and outsourcing advisor, bringing that knowledge and experience to the Cloud. He has keen understanding of corporate culture, change management and social business challenges in large organisations. Walter has an MSc in Computing Science and is Certified Social Media Strategist from the Social Media Academy in Palo Alto California.

Contact: m: 0403 345 632, Twitter @adamson

About iGo2

iGo2 is a Social Business product and services company. iGo2 helps organization  leverage the power of Social Media through innovating and building a Social Business. At iGo2 we use proven methodologies, significant experience and talented people to build solutions appropriate for your organization.

It will connect you with your customers and partners, monitor your competitors, and manage your Social Business Tactics.

Whether your business is already active in Social Media – but needs to do it better – or whether you are just starting out, iGo2 can provide Social Business Strategy, Social Business Tactics, Social Business Intelligence, and Social Business Tools.


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